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Can I use my debit card outside the United States?

Yes, Visa credit and debit cards can both be used internationally, wherever Visa cards are accepted. For example, you may use your card(s) anywhere there is a NYCE, PLUS or Visa logo. Visa and MasterCard assess a non-determined international fee for transactions processed through their network. In addition, the ATM owner may assess a fee. Fremont Federal Credit Union does not impose any additional fees. If you are traveling in the near future, please call the Branch at (419) 334-4434 and submit your Travel Plans so we can notate it in the system.

Note: While "chip cards" are being issued in Europe, European merchants can still accept U.S.-issued cards (with magnetic stripes on the back). If a European merchant says they cannot accept your card, simply ask them to try your card to get an authorization.

Fremont Federal Credit Union updated their Debit cards to the EMV Chip debit cards in early summer 2016. Current FFCU debit cardholders received a replacement debit card in July 2016. If you don’t have a Fremont Federal Credit Union debit card, stop by a FFCU branch to apply for a new EMV Chip card today! 

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