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Youth Accounts

Give your child's financial future a head start, and help teach them the value of money! Open a Dollar Dog Kid's Savings account today. You can even save automatically through payroll deduction. Enroll the teenager you care about in our Cha-Ching Teen Club.

The children, who are the future of our credit union, deserve the best. With a Fremont Federal Credit Union savings account, you'll give your child's financial future a solid head start—while teaching them the value of saving. We offer our young members convenient and flexible savings accounts that are catered for their specific needs. Choose from these specialized accounts and watch your child's account grow.

Dollar Dog Kids Club

Begin teaching your kids the value of money—and saving—today. The Dollar Dog Kids Savings Account from Fremont Federal Credit Union is the perfect way to teach kids ages 12 and younger the value of saving money on a regular basis. In addition, this account pays interest on all funds. Kids will receive a "prize" when opening their new Dollar Dog Kids Savings account. 

Dollar Dog Kids Club logo
  • The minimum opening deposit is $5
  • Social Security card required at time of opening
  • No maintenance fee
  • Pays interest on all balances
  • Must be age 12 or under
  • Special Membership Card
  • Games & contests throughout the year
  • Online Dollar Dog Kids Club area
  • Financial tools for kids
  • Special offers & discount coupons
  • Dollar Dog Kids Club merchandise
  • Guest appearances by Sammy the Saver Dog . . . Dollar Dog's Nephew

Click here for the online Dollar Dog Kids Club area. 

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Cha-Ching Teen Club

Give your teen a chance to demonstrate responsibility and autonomy with a Fremont Federal Credit Union Cha-Ching Teen Club Savings and Checking Account. These accounts allow your teen to save money securely—and earn interest—without any confusing hassles. Open your accounts today and begin securing your teen's financial future.

Cha-Ching Teen Club logo
  • The Minimum opening deposit is $5
  • Social Security card or state identification is required at the time of opening
  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • Savings Account pays interest on all balances
  • Must be age 13 - 18
  • Special Membership Card
  • Online Cha-Ching Teen page
  • Financial tools for teens
  • Certificate of Deposit - $500 Opening Balance
  • Availability of a Checking Account and Visa Check Card with a parent or legal guardian as a joint owner.

Click here for the online Cha-Ching Teen page

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April is National CU Youth Month!

Oftentimes, kids and teens today don't truly understand the concept of saving up for something they want and have never established savings accounts.  We also find that many teens don't have checking accounts and don't know how to manage credit cards.  At Fremont Federal Credit Union, we want to help our young people understand the importance of establishing good financial habits.  National Credit Union Youth Month is a great time to start!  Youth Month is the perfect time to make a deposit or open a new account.  The National Youth Saving Challenge™, sponsored by GreenPath Financial Wellness, is held during the month of April in conjunction with Youth Month and is hosted by the Credit Union National Association. By starting youth out on the right path setting goals and saving to reach them, the National Youth Savings Challenge helps credit unions build strong, long-term relationships with youth and their families.  Last year, 125,188 young members deposited more than $23.5 million into their savings account during the national event-with 8,420 of those being new accounts!

During National CU Youth Month our offices are decorated in a fun theme to celebrate.  Stop in to see us the whole month of April for prizes and goodies.  We also have a drawing for kids & teens to win a gift basket! So, be sure to come into one of our 6 locations to enter to win!  

We're a proud sponsor of financial literacy programs in our grade schools and high schools in Sandusky, Ottawa, Seneca & Wood Counties. Statistics show that most kids today don't learn nearly enough about effectively managing money. By starting the education process early, our children will be better equipped to make wise financial decisions in the future.

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