Fremont Federal Credit Union Benefits of Membership
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Benefits of Membership

Being a member of Fremont Federal Credit Union comes with a wide array of great benefits. Not only will you get some of the best financial services from loans to refinancing, but we offer our members a unique experience defined by our owners . . . you! Take a look at the benefits you'll automatically enjoy just for being a member of Fremont Federal Credit Union.

You're an Owner
Fremont Federal Credit Union is not owned by one person or organization, it's governed by you, its members. Our Board of Directors is volunteer members elected for a three-year term at our annual meeting each May. As a member, in good standing, you are allowed one vote and can attend and participate in our annual meeting.

Better Rates, Lower Fees, and Free Checking!
There are no outside shareholders and profits to worry about. Earnings are returned right back to our members in the form of lower rates and fees. This means you receive higher returns on savings and lower than market rates on loans. There are no exorbitant fees for general services, in fact, many of our services are free! We have a variety of checking products, all of which are free with other product relationships.

First In Service
Our commitment to service sets us apart. As a member of Fremont Federal Credit Union, you are an owner—and we treat you that way. We strive for perfection and personal attention for our members. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

Community Involvement
Many dollars are invested in our community in the form of sponsorships and donations. Our employees and Board members are active in many civic organizations that benefit our community.

Fremont Federal Credit Union's Mission Statement
The Fremont Federal Credit Union's purpose is to provide our members with the best service while offering a full range of financial services at a fair and reasonable cost. Credit Union business will be carried out in a professional image of honesty, integrity and confidentiality at all times. The Fremont Federal Credit Union believes in being a good corporate citizen and encourages its employees to participate in community activities. We are "Committed to Excellence."

What Is The Difference Between Credit Unions and Other Financial Institutions?

Credit unions are local, not-for-profit financial cooperatives that are owned by their members. Credit unions are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. All members have a voice in how the credit union operates. Other institutions often merge, change names, or even go out of business. They are profit-based and stockholder-owned. They tend to charge higher loan rates and are more likely to charge fees and require high minimum balances.


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