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Share Certificates
Share Certificate

Want safety and better dividends than a savings account? Try a Share Certificate from Fremont Federal Credit Union. Many of our members think you must have a lot of money to own a certificate of deposit, but that isn’t true. A minimum deposit of $1,000 can get you a Share Certificate. How does it work? Basically, you promise to leave the money with us for a certain period of time, and we promise to pay you a higher dividend.

We have terms ranging from 6 months to 84 months, and even though Share Certificates aren’t as glamorous as the stock market, they are a safe and solid investment.  At FFCU, share certificates are tiered, so the more money you deposit and the longer the term, the higher rate you can earn.

Even if you’re in the stock market, our Share Certificates are a great place to park the cash component of your investment portfolio. The best part…they are federally insured for up to $250,000 per ownership type.

Now, for those of you with a lot of money lying around, we offer Jumbo Certificates at a premium rate.

Call any of our Member Service Representatives at 419-334-4434 in Fremont, 419-849-2570 in Woodville or 419-547-2348 in Clyde, or 419-573-6310 in Port Clinton or stop by your favorite Fremont Federal Credit Union office for more information.

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