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Down Payment Assistance Programs

Itching to become a home owner but need some guidance or financial assistance? We have a variety of programs and one may fit your needs! The first step to home ownership is exploring your options - call and schedule an appointment to talk with our Mortgage Loan Originator, Ron Grindle. His direct line is 419-333-2934.

Construction Loans

Working with a Fremont Federal Credit Union Mortgage Specialist is the first step of successful construction planning.

Bridge Loans or Blanket Loans

Caught between buying and selling? We can help by using the existing equity in your current home.

NMLS Numbers

Fremont Federal Credit Union: Institution #328544                                                                                                 
Kameron Allicock: #1677345 Kelly Hrupcho: #1034665
Douglas Brisendine: #494252 Lora Majoy: #1387828
Tammy Davis: #584662 John MacDonald: 1743918
Judy DeVanna: #767606 William Nicholson: #767600
Rachel Firstenberger: #767603 Sarah Richards: #812393
Robin Gowitzka: #767624 Rhonda Snodgrass: #767602
Ron Grindle: #767599 Alisha Stout:  #1674628
Kim Hill: #767605 Frank Weasner: #684294
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