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How do I dispute a charge that appears on my VISA Credit Card or Debit Card?

To dispute a credit or debit card transaction, first contact the merchant and attempt to resolve the dispute directly with them. Please make sure to document your attempts. If the merchant is unable to resolve the dispute to your satisfaction, contact Fremont Federal Credit Union to begin the dispute process through Visa®.

Since Visa requires disputes to be made in writing, please complete and return the Cardholder Dispute Form or visit any branch for a copy. Include your documentation detailing your attempts to resolve the dispute.

In accordance with federal regulations, upon receipt of your credit card dispute, the transaction amount will be placed in a dispute status. Dispute status will withhold the amount from the payment due and from being assessed interest while the dispute is being processed.

In accordance with federal regulations, we have 10 days to investigate debit card disputes or fraud claims to determine if provisional credit is warranted. However, in many cases, you will receive provisional credit to your account within 7-10 business days.

Please note: If you have fraudulent transactions on your account due to a lost, stolen or compromised card, do not contact the merchant. Instead, complete the Cardholder Claim of Fraud, making sure to include the police report case number if required. In some cases, the form will need to be notarized. We have notary services available at all of our branch locations.

Once the Cardholder Claim of Fraud has been received, the fraudulent balance will be transferred from the new account back to the blocked account

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