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Vehicle Loans

New & Used Autos
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We can put you behind the wheel of a car, van, sport utility or light truck of your choice. There are a variety of ways to accomplish this!

Start shopping. We've partnered with many dealerships in our area to make auto shopping hassle-free. Let them know you are a member of Fremont Federal Credit Union and they can get approval, process the paperwork, and put you into some shiny new wheels all in the same day.

Prefer to have a pre-approval before you shop? No problem, give us a call or stop into your favorite Fremont Federal Credit Union branch. If this is your first car purchase or you are new to Fremont Federal Credit Union, we would really like to meet you and talk about your plans before you purchase. There are many things we can help you with and give you the power and confidence to shop wisely.

Thinking about 0% financing? Read this . . .

These days, more and more dealers are offering 0% financing, low-rate loans, or cash-back rebates. It's great to have choices but sometimes there are too many . . . that are confusing . . . and lead to added expense. In the final analysis, you may be better off with a conventional auto loan from your credit union. Here's why:

  • Know the hidden costs in dealer financing options. Most 0% financing is offered on slower-selling models with lower resale values.
  • Dealers' 0% financing or low-rate loans can have bigger prepayment penalties and may require a bigger down payment.
  • Dealer financing plans usually are limited to dealer stock. That means you may have to sacrifice color, style, and/or options you want. Unwanted options can add 25% to 30% to the sticker price of your car.
  • Typically only those with pristine credit are eligible for 0% financing from the dealer. Others with a blemish or two on their credit report may get "moved up" to a higher rate.

Often these offers are restricted to short-term loans such as 12 months or 36 months which can increase your monthly payment.

You are unlikely to be able to negotiate the price of a vehicle and could end up paying more for a vehicle in order to get 0% financing.

Rebates are smart . . .
If you choose the dealer's rebate plan, you'll forego the low-interest rate loan, but get a $1,500 or $2,000 cash rebate. Adding the rebate to your down payment can make credit union financing even more attractive - because the larger down payment reduces the amount you need to finance.

Refinance your current vehicle loan with us!
Bought a vehicle and then found out what a great deal Fremont Federal Credit Union is? Don't despair; we can refinance your loan here. It's easy to refinance and will save you money. We'll even lower your payment and help you budget by setting up payroll deduction!

Call 419-334-4434 in Fremont, 419-849-2570 in Woodville or 419-547-2348 in Clyde or 419-573-6310 in Port Clinton or stop into any of our offices for more information.

Boat, RV, or Motorcycle Loans
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Everyone needs to have a little fun in their lives and a new boat, RV or motorcycle could be just the ticket. We finance these with great rates and terms just like our auto loans. Here we are next to one of the Great Lakes and you don't own a boat?

Campsites and nature all around and you don't have an RV?

Enough dreaming. It's time to ride. Always wanted to own a motorcycle?

What are you waiting for?

Call 419-334-4434 in Fremont or 419-849-2570 in Woodville or 419-547-2348 in Clyde or 419-573-6310 in Port Clinton or visit your favorite Fremont Federal Credit Union branch for a pre-approval today!

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