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Mortgage Loans

Buying your first home, refinancing your current home or building that dream home, Fremont Federal Credit Union has the right solution for you*.


We can pre-approve a mortgage amount, and then you decide on the home you want.


Is this your first home? Second? or Third? Doesn't matter what number you're on, we have the perfect loan!

  • Low closing costs
  • Local servicing - make your payment at our offices with real people to answer your questions
  • Escrow included - we'll handle your taxes and insurance
  • Payroll deduction to help you budget
  • Bi-Monthly Payments to help you pay off your loan quicker

Not only can we get you into your home, we’ll help you budget with payroll deduction and escrow (that’s where your taxes and insurance are included in your monthly payment). If you would rather pay in person, that’s fine, just bring it into a teller at any of our 6 locations (that’s what local servicing means) and we have people (yes, real people) on staff at each location that can help you through this process from beginning to end.

Haven't saved enough for a down payment? We have many programs that can be tailored to your situation.


Whether you want to pay off your mortgage sooner, consolidate debt or lower your interest rate, refinancing may be right for you.

Contact Ron Grindle, our Mortgage Loan Originator, at or 419-333-2934 for all your home loan needs.

*Some credit restrictions may apply. Membership eligibility required.

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