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Visa Credit Card
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Whether you're looking to get rewarded for the purchases you make every day or simply looking for credit cards with low-interest rates, our Platinum Rewards Visa and Platinum Visa credit cards offer two unique experiences designed to fit your needs.
Our cards come standard with no hidden charges or annual fees, allowing you to spend with peace of mind. 

Additionally, we offer personalized dispute assistance and an interest-free, 25-day grace period on all purchases when your balance is paid in full each month. So apply today and see why FFCU is the premier pick for the best Platinum Credit Card around!

See How They Compare Side-by-Side

*Visa Legacy Grandfathered product from our old card provider. This is our Visa Platinum Card that was grandfathered to our new Visa Platinum card program in which you still have the same rate as you did with our old card, but you have limited rewards.
This card is not offered to new cardholders.

Visa Platinum Rewards Card - This card is all about the benefits. Rack up points and enjoy competitive interest rates without an annual fee. Then, redeem your points for valuable rewards, including gift cards, merchandise, or travel. 

Visa Platinum Card - This is our low rate Visa Platinum Card. Whether you're paying for everyday expenses or making larger lifestyle investments, you shouldn't have to fear credit card debt. The FFCU Visa Platinum Card keeps you in control of your finances.

Gold Visa Platinum card

Apply online to get approved for a VISA Platinum or Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card today! 

To activate your Visa Platinum Card, call 1-800-631-3197.

To change your Fremont Federal Credit Union Visa PIN #, call 1-888-886-0083.

To report your Fremont Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Card Lost/Stolen, call 1-866-606-2519 - Out of the Country call collect 727-299-2449.

To place a dispute or report any fraudulent transactions on your Fremont Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Card, call 1-866-606-2519.



VISA Disclaimer 

*The Annual Percentage Rate is Fremont Federal CU's current Rate as of (12/1/2023). No Annual Fee. The rate is variable and may change. Qualification is based on an assessment of individual credit worthiness and our underwriting standards. All Credit Union loan programs, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change at anytime without notice. Call us at 419-334-4434 for current rates, terms and conditions. Federally Insured by NCUA. Membership Eligibility Required. 

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