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FFCU Digital Wallet

Now with FFCU's Digital Wallet, you can make faster and secure purchases using your Fremont Federal debit and credit cards through your smart devices.

Imagine running to the grocery store only to realize you left your wallet at home, or you’re on your phone online shopping and asked to re-enter your payment information…again. With your cards linked to your digital wallet on your smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, or laptop, you’ll be able to make cashless purchases with just a slight touch or tap. How easy is that?

Digital wallets can conveniently store all of your Fremont Federal Visa® cards (meaning no more rummaging through your wallet or bag trying to find the right one) and use ID verification when making purchases to always keep your payment information protected. You can also have peace of mind when making purchases because your payment information is never shared with merchants when using your digital wallet. Once you link your FFCU card to your digital wallet, you’ll be ready to start making purchases quickly and securely in person or online!

Supporting digital wallet applications will include:

Apple Pay

Samsung Pay

Google Pay

and soon on Fitbit Pay & Garmin Pay

Take a step towards making safe and convenient online purchases with your digital wallet today!


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