Fee Schedule Changes-Aug 2022
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Notice of Fee Schedule Changes – Effective August 1st

Dated: May 25, 2022

Starting August 1, 2022, there will be changes to our fee schedule. Our service fees require adjustments from time to time to match the increased costs of business. Fee increases were determined after a survey of other area credit unions.
You can view our complete Fee Schedule below

Notice of Change in Fee Schedule
Check Cashing Fee $3.00
Membership Open/Close Fee $5.00
Inactive/Dormant Account $2.00
Legal Processing $50.00
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) $30.00
Overdraft $30.00
Savings Transfer to Cover Checking Overdraft $5.00
Return of Deposited Item 1st & 2nd charge $10.00 thereafter the member will be charged $20.00
Check Collection Fee Determined per item
Stop Payment Order/Renewal $25.00
Copy of Paid Check $5.00
Research and Reconciliation First hour is free then charge $5.00 per hour after the first hour
Interim Statement Copy $5.00
Hold and Return Statements $5.00
Money Orders $3.00
Official Check Order $5.00
Card Replacement 1st card Free after that charge $15.00 within a 3-year cycle period
Visa Card International Service Assessment (ISA) Fee Involving foreign currency 2%
Loose Coin Verification charged to non-members 10% of total
Wire Transfers
Incoming Domestic $20.00
Outgoing Domestic $20.00
Online Banking with Bill Payment Option FREE
Check Order Varies depending on the style and quantity ordered
Telephone Transfer Fee $5.00

We are pleased to provide you with this Schedule of Fees to show the competitiveness of our fee structure. The Fee Schedule sets forth the conditions, fees, and charges applicable to your account is incorporated as part of your account agreement with Fremont Federal Credit Union. As of August 1, 2022, we are making amendments to our Fee Schedule. Changes are in bold. This Schedule of Fees is part of the contract for your account with us. For other terms and conditions of your account, please see Fremont Federal Credit Union Rates & Fees (fremontfcu.com). The Schedule of Fees is subject to change without notice or as otherwise provided by law. Fees may differ through Shared Branch Network locations. We appreciate your membership! For more information stop into any Fremont Federal Credit Union location, call us at 419-334-4434 or go to fremontfcu.com.

Physical copies of our updated fee schedule will be available upon request.

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