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Diversity & Inclusion

Dear Valued Member,

Undeniably, the year 2020 is presenting profound challenges for all of us on several levels. Like many of you, we at Fremont Federal, are mindful and observant, as our country, and the world, appropriately place a focus on systemic racism. As a financial services provider, and an employer, we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind, in any form. I am immensely proud of FFCU's diversity and exceptional commitment to providing opportunities and services for all.

We define diversity as the unique blend of various elements that make each of us different from and like others. Those elements may include but are not limited to race, age, gender, physical or mental abilities, sexual orientation, ethnic heritage, values, religion/spiritual practice, family status, education, income, and geographic location.

Here at Fremont Federal Credit Union, diversity and inclusion have always been a focus of our culture. It is our goal to learn from each other, celebrate what makes us unique, and encourage and empower our entire workforce. I would like to point out, that I believe it is crucially important, that as a credit union, we have a commitment to serve others, and welcome the diversity of our members that enriches us.

Most of us would conceivably agree that these are exceptionally challenging times, as we strive for the cultivation of diversity and inclusion. We cannot be afraid to talk candidly, in ways that are both respectful and honest, about challenges, opportunities, anxieties, and hopes. Yet, no matter what challenges there are, they should lead us to entrust ourselves to building a community of respect and mutual support, that will reflect the spirit of Fremont Federal Credit Union and our philosophy of “People Helping People”.

I want to close by reminding you that we are dedicated to serving you and your financial needs, because our members, who are very diverse, are genuinely our mission. Please know that we are here for you when you need us.


Tony Camilleri, President / CEO

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